Jupiter Cocktail

Back on the hunt for a palatable Parfait Amour-containing cocktail.


Found me the Jupiter in Ted Haigh’s Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails. Went with this mix:

45mL Bombay Sapphire gin

15mL kinda old Noilly Prat dry vermouth

7mL Bols Parfait Amour

7mL fresh squeezed orange juice

Shaken and served.

And what do you know, it nearly worked! 7mL of Parfait Amour is the perfect amount! Also the orange I used was ridiculously dry (the whole thing yielded about 10mL of juice total), so orange juice made from a slightly stronger tasting juice would probably improve on this just a bit. But like Mr. Haigh warned me, this cocktail has to be measured exactly to the mL. An extra splash of Parfait and you’re off in Candyland. My vermouth is probably getting stale, so a fresh bottle should probably add a bit more depth to this cocktail.

Unfortunately I can only find 1L bottles of Noilly Prat here. I’ve used it liberally in a number of cocktails, cooked some fish with it, and threw some away, and I’ve still got like half a liter left. It’s cheap enough that I should just dump the rest and buy a new bottle. Who goes through a liter of vermouth in a week or so?

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