Parfait Amour Cocktail

In a search to find something to use parfait amour in, I attempted a Parfait Amour Cocktail. It went as follows:

1oz Bols Parfait Amour

1oz Bombay Sapphire gin

1/2oz Luxardo maraschino

Parfait amour plus clear liquids equals slightly lighter parfait amour.

So I know you’re looking at that recipe and thinking, “Half an ounce of maraschino?! A full ounce of parfait amour?! Both of these should be measured by barspoon, can the gin cut their syrupyness?” Well, my friend, your suspicions couldn’t be more spot on. This thing is sweet as the dickens, with the stink of maraschino, the unadulterated marshmallowy flavor tsunami of parfait amour, and all the subtly of a syrupy punch in the mouth. This is not one of those miracle cocktails that looks nuts on paper but tastes magical; this thing tastes as nuts as it looks. Avoid. Find another way to use you parfait amour.

I also tried a parfait amour and soda; still too strong. I think I’m going to run out of parfait amour through experimentation before I actually find something I’ll enjoy. I’ll keep experimentin’.

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